Systems Maintenance, Odor Control & Waste Management

ORTEC Ltd. Co. is an Environmental Biotechnology company dedicated to the development and application of innovative solutions for emissions, solid waste and wastewater situations requiring remediation, cleaning,degreasing and odor control, as well as industrial and agricultural water systems that require constant maintenance (biofilm and scale control)

During the past ten years, ORTEC has been a leader and pioneer in the use of non-active biocatalysts (no bacterial/enzymatic products, nutrients, or essential oils), in bioremediation as well across a broad range of situations, as mentioned above. ORTEC has additionally established a solid track record in successfully resolving a variety of environmental problems.

ORTEC’s technical staff have designed simple and reliable systems for substituting biocides and other hazardous chemicals with the latest generation of non-active biocatalysts, which are totally safe and cost-effective.

ORTEC’s experts have developed numerous efficient products for consumer, institutional and industrial applications, based on the biocatalysts’ advanced and unique properties.

Through the use of biocatalysts, ORTEC’s advanced technology strives to simplify redundant, outmoded, expensive and inefficient systems as well as to eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals.

ORTEC Ltd. Co.
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